explores the ragged edge of art, society, and sanity, viciously skewering the politics of rebellion.

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“Fascinating like a car crash, this was one of the rare books I found myself literally unable to put down until I had finished it…”
Jason Pettus, CCLaP

“alt.punk speaks directly to anyone in the twenty- to thirty-something age bracket who feels hoodwinked by western culture’s promise that we can have anything we want as long as we work hard and want it badly enough…[alt.punk] has all the makings of an underground cult classic.”
Marc Schuster, Small Press Reviews

“…a debut novel in all the ways great debuts can be, like a brain dump that not only introduces just the right amount of flair and confidence and mastery of language, but still somehow also becomes a window into a slice of the world you don’t quite know enough about, if you even knew it existed like this in the first place.”
Ben Tanzer, This Blog Will Change Your Life

“alt.punk is a tale of brutally honest, fatalistic, twenty-first century American Naturalism.”
Barry Graham, Dogzplot

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