Novel Ways to Promote Your Novel

Honoured to post a few thoughts on novel promotion over at the Contemporary Small Press.

the contemporary small press

Small press published writer Lavinia Ludlow shares some top advice on interesting ways to promote your writing to others without the need for a big agent and a huge press budget.

novel writing

As a small press writer, much of your book’s promotional responsibility will fall on your shoulders. Whether you’re debuting your first novel or launching your fifth, you may feel unsure how to effectively promote your work. Social media is a powerful tool and the options are often limitless, but you may find it difficult to gain momentum in the era of information overload.

In my experience as both a reader and writer, the best book PR is often a result of engaging content that falls outside the norm of a standard review, interview, and press kit. Below are literary journals operated by humble editors who invite writers to promote their novels by answering unique prompts, and therefore, gain an…

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